We're the Pink Moon Litter of 2016, with our new families!

Red Boy, now Mack, with his happy new family

Two ReveLab generations - and their family!

Friends in the woods

A yellow lab and black lab puppy - rocking the forest lakes!

Keeping cool

Two lovely labs, keeping cool in shade gifted by a trailer
The wonderful yellow lab is from Rêve Labrador's 2010 litter - both he and his nephew will enjoy a lake in the summer, snow in the winter, and three amazing new friends.
Heaven on earth.

Mac, Jet & Sting in Illinois

Three sad puppies, waiting for someone nice to take them home.
We're at Mary's, waiting for our new parents to come get us!

Purple Boy - Jet - now Rizzo

A black lab pup, curled with his toy, waiting to play.
Dragons are great for sleeping
A black lab pup, grabbing a toy while swimming.
Score! Retriever, in water...
A black lab pup, sadly waiting for fun.
Wanna Play too?

Pink, now Halle

Halle, a gorgeous black lab female, at two months old, the latest addition to our pack

Halle and Silver Boy

Two black labs puppies, collapsed on a white fuzzy after a morning of playing, enjoying the air conditioning.
How to beat the heat after a morning playing - we love air conditioning!

Halle and Grandma Trey

Two black labs, snuggled up after a day in the woods.  The pup is snuggled up against her grandmother's side, in one dog bed
Snuggling after a day in the woods

Silver Boy, now Gus

A black lab pup, finally tired.
Finally tired - and such big paws to grow into!

Our YouTube 2016 Video Clip Journal

Growing up at Rêve Labradors

Silver Boy 29 June 2016
Pups at Play 15 June 2016
Balance Beam 14 June 2016
Morning Fun 14 June 2016
Pups Romping in the Grass 13 June 2016
Playtime 12 June 2016
Play Mobiles 9 June 2016
Cameo: Purple Boy 8 June 2016
Pool Party, Part II 7 June 2016
Pool Party, Part I 6 June 2016
New Play Area 4 & 5 June 2016
Pups Learning to Walk with Friends 3 June 2016
Pups Romping 30 May 2016
Pups Playing in the Grass 29 May 2016
Pups at Play 26 May 2016
Day Thirty 23 May 2016
Day Twenty Three16 May 2016
Day Twenty Two 15 May 2016
Week Three 14 May 2016
Day Fifteen 8 May 2016
Day Eleven 4 May 2016
Pups Begin Second Week 2 May 2016
Puppy on Scale 27 April 2016
Day One 24 April 2016

2016 Puppy Photo Journal:

Look, Mom, we cleaned the bowl!  There's nothing more adorable than watching healthy puppies slurp up every morsel of food they can find, then look around for more.  These guys are starting to eat REAL FOOD!
Look, Mom, we cleaned our bowl!

There's nothing better than having mom's feet to navigate, especially when Mom's kissing you!
Day Twenty Three

This black lab pup has already opened his eyes and can see shapes.  Steve is holding him up for his camera close up - he is so tiny, only his little head sticks out of Steve's fist, and his little stub nose is beyond adorable.
Week Three

For those who’ve never seen a whelping box ensemble, the front area is now where they will be fed and sleep. They can see through the bars and start to be part of the activities of the room. The back part of the whelping box is now for puppy bathroom activities. We try to be there when they wake up, so we can escort them into the newspaper area, and they'll hear the words “Go potty” in association with that activity. Of course a certain amount of scent will unavoidably be tracked back into the sleeping area, so it will be a while before they even get an inkling of what the newspaper and “go potty” is associated with. But it's a start!!

This black lab pup has already opened his eyes and can see shapes.  Steve is holding him up for his camera close up - he is so tiny, only his little head sticks out of Steve's fist, and his little stub nose is beyond adorable.
Day Seventeen

This little pup's already got his eyes and ears open. He can see shapes and is starting to recognize us! Hard to believe this little boy, who is so small today that just his head sticks out above Steve's fist, will one day weigh around 75 pounds!

The little black lab girl is pretty in her pink collar - and everyone, Belly up to the bar!
Day Fourteen

All tuckered out after a tough day, growing every minute...

Our lightest yellow lab pup, at one week old!
Week One, and already aware!

Only one week along, and you can see how this pup's sweet baby-pink nose, pads and ears have already started to pick up pigment. In a few days they will darken further, to provide protection from the fierce rays of the sun.

The little black lab girl is pretty in her pink collar - and everyone, Belly up to the bar!
Day Ten

A couple of the pups are on the heating pad, letting everyone have a chance for a good meal while they're sleeping. The little black lab in pink is our girl - everyone's looking happy and hungry today!

Summerlin's Could Bee Dangerous


Buzzy, impersonating Dug from the Disney movie 'Up'.

Proud papa of the Pink Moon (2016) litter

Important Considerations Before Buying a Labrador Pup

Labs are the most popular dog in America for good reason:

Their temperament is without equal; they are loyal, eager to please, good with children, loving, and very smart.
However, with all of those good things comes an obligation and responsibility: One must be be prepared to put in quality time to train that pup to grow up into the dog one envisions.
Please take the time to review my list of recommended books on the Resources page and consider reading up on some of the more current thinking on training and understanding these amazing animals. I would particularly recommend starting with the Karen Pryor books and videos and My Smart Puppy. Training your puppy can be a wonderful and exciting experience with the right understanding and knowledge, and can create a wonderful bond between you and your pup.
Labs are first and foremost "people" dogs and crave human interaction; they do not do well away from their people and are unhappy being left alone all day.
Most Labs have a puppy mentality until they are 2 years old, and lots of energy to go with that. They need a lot of socialization with people and other animals, new environments, and new experiences. They don't handle boredom well and will find ways to entertain themselves, often quite creatively!
BUT. Labs love to please and do wonderfully when they understand what is expected of them!!
They need a "job" regardless of how small it may seem. There are wonderful classes out there now for puppy socialization and training, obedience work, nose work, fly ball for dogs over 1 1/2 years, and many other stimulating activities. Check your area for a provider of good classes.
Last, please be aware that Labradors shed a good deal if they have proper coats. The shedding occurs most predominantly in the spring, as they lose their winter coat. A good brush and some quality time brushing your dog during that period helps a lot. Plus, your Labrador friend will love you - even more!
No conscientious breeder wants to have a loved pup end up in a situation of being rejected, so please consider all of these factors before buying a puppy.
Thank you, Rêve Labrador Retrievers of New Mexico

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