Rozzay's Coulter

A last photo of Cole, a few days before we lost him
We lost our Cole January 2017.
He has been an amazing friend and companion -- he is greatly missed.

Some photos from a life well lived:

Cole with Trey's daughter, Relle

Cole enjoying a quite moment with Trey's yellow lab daughter, Relle, in 2015

Cole and Trey at home

Big Friends

Cole (in red) at 12, trendsetter for our pack. He helps teach youngsters what is expected of a proper dog, and keeps the peace when everyone gets too rowdy. Trey (in the fashionable blue bandana) has just turned 10, and is everything one could wish for in a loving labrador as well.

Cole standing with Trey, deciding where to run and play in the grass
Cole with Trey

Cole and Trey have been friends since Trey joined Rêve Labrador Retrievers in New Mexico. They play together, eat together, and keep their family safe.

Cole, as a five month old puppy, upon his arrival to live with Steve and Joann
Cole at four months
Rozzay's Coulter -- Cole -- at 4 months, investigating the firefighter's craft (hose)
Cole deciphering the firefighter's craft...
Cole wading in a beautiful pond, working to convince a small child to come swimming
Cole with a small friend

Wondering how Cole files his tax return? Peek here ...

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