Welcome to Our Pack

Remy is a beautiful black lab.  Click on this photo to go to Remy's home page.
Remy, our rising star

Sonne is a talented and loving female black lab.  Click on this photo to go to Sonne's home page.
Sonné, proud mom, shining star, and loving black lab.

Halle a loving female black lab, showing off her pretty face.  Click on this photo to go to Halle's home page.
Halle, our sweet girl!

Relle, a two year old yellow lab working hard to earning her Junior Hunter Title, speedily emerging from green water carrying her prize, a drenched duck.  Click on this photo to go to Relle's home page.
Relle earning her AKC Junior Hunter Title

Lark, our new mom-to-be, stacked for show
Lark, our 2016 mom

Cole, a twelve year old black lab, has an enormous thigh bone of some huge beast under his paw, like some prize-winning English king of olde
Cole, king of our pack

Rozzay's Tresor D'Amour, or 'Trey' an amazing 10 year old English style black labrador retriever, and the foundation dam for Reve Labrador Retrievers
Trey, our foundation mom

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