Rêve Labrador Retrievers of New Mexico

Steve and JoAnn
Steve & JoAnn

English type labradors have been an important part of our family and lives for over 40 years. Along with showing, hunting and training, we breed and raise our Labs to be good, sound family members, with the sweet and gentle temperament Labs should exhibit.
Great care goes into selecting the appropriate stud dog for our girls. All clearances for both parents will be available, including OFA for eyes, hips and elbows, EIC for Exercise Induced Collapse (this applies to hunting dogs) and a number of other important genetic tests.

We make sure every puppy feels loved and secure with their human friends
Puppy love

We have utilized Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia’s Early Neurological Stimulation techniques for over a decade, with special focus on "extra early socialization". From Day Three to Day Sixteen, use of these techniques help develop a well-balanced puppy with life skills to aid him in handling stressful and unknown situations. (Tests show that pups deprived of stimulation and interaction during early development are less able to cope, adjust, and, later on, adapt to situations as adults.) In addition, every day we spend special one-on-one time with each pup, from the time they are born.

pup napping with Steve
TV time

Each pup is held and played with daily as babies and all play in our yard when they are older and able to move around. They meet new people of all ages and are exposed to varied stimuli of all sorts. From the third week of life until they are at least 8 weeks old (when they go to their new homes) we also utilize procedures from Puppy Culture. This extends the pups' learning and maturation in important ways.

two adorable yellow lab pups thinking about how to handle a new toy
Pups see the new toy

Pups are exposed to sounds such as vacuum cleaners to accustom them to unexpected and loud noises and play games to encourage problem solving and to gain confidence, all with astonishing results.

puppies playing at -- and in -- their waterbowl

The treatment and care pups receive during this most important, formative period of their lives shapes their personalities forever. Additionally, once they go into their new homes, we require our puppy families take their pup to a safe, knowledgeable trainer for puppy socialization classes, and later, training classes.

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