Relle intent on a bone, despite the snow.
(Nothing bothers a lab with a winter coat... and a bone!)

Rêve's Chanterelle

Relle, the pride of our pack

Relle is Lark's half sister, and was born in 2010. She is a champ! She earned her AKC Junior Hunter Title, and she continues to be a guiding force and loyal auntie to the youngsters in our pack. She is a loyal and talented friend.

Relle, gently holding her prize -- a New Mexico quail
Relle at the hunt
JoAnn wearing ear protection and red. Relle, her yellow lab, is with her, already for the hunt together
Our hunt queen
Relle with JoAnn, in the parking lot, after winning her Junior Hunter Title from the AKC
Relle as a puppy 'stacked' in front of the hay bales as the judge awards her the prize of 'Best of Breed' Sweeps for New Mexico Sporting Dogs 2013 show
Sporting Dog Fanciers of New Mexico awards Relle "Best of Breed, Sweeps" for November, 2013
Relle hunting
Got Duck?

Our Miss Relle is a credit to her breed, sharing her talents in agility, obedience, swimming, hunting, and loyal companionship. Along with New Mexico Sporting Dogs' "Best of Breed, Sweeps" title, she has earned her Junior Hunter Title through the AKC. We are so proud of her, but even more importantly, she is a valued, lovable, and loyal member of our family, as well as a stalwart member of Reve Labrador Retriever pack.

Relle decked out in ribbons from latest win
MORE ribbons... just all in a day's work

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